Heating oil availability and delivery in Greece
Please note the following information concerning heating fuel and its delivery in Greece:
  • Diesel, which is used as heating fuel, is delivered to properties by petrol stations/retailers
  • It can be ordered by phone, upon provision of i.e. Personal details, required quantity, payment method, etc.
  • Heating fuel is available and can be delivered only in the winter season period from mid October to end of April.
One step ahead
For those of you who heat their homes with oil, please be informed that the last day of this winter season for the fill up of your tank is Friday, April the 29th. Therefore, in case you need oil for the rest of this winter or wish to be ready for the first cold days of next winter, the order should be made on time (even earlier than the above mentioned date, since it coincide this year with greek orthodox easter – Good Friday) and delays might occur.
Please do not hesitate to come back to us in case you have any queries concerning the above.

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