In Greece a new Unified Social Security Institution called EFKA (Eniaios Foreas Kinonikis Asfalisis) has been established from 01.01.2017 as an umbrella fund under which all-existing social security funds will be integrated.
The new fund is the sole social security fund that will collect the contributions paid by all employers and employees (of the public sector and of any private employer) as well as by the self-employed and the only pension fund that will grant the so-called National Pension to all beneficiaries.
The aim of the new fund is to provide all data online so that the new registry will provide all information needed to the insured persons and also the pensioners.
How this influences our services
With regard to the issuance of Social Security Numbers (AMA, AMKA) for the assignees that are newly hired in any Greek Company, there are delays in the relevant procedure due to the installation of new software in the competent regional authorities.
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