Why Relocation Services?

  • Relocation companies know their country inside out
  • Your HR Department will appreciate the support; your assignees will appreciate the attention
  • Increase chances of success for any move
  • Save time for both assignee and company
  • Save money due to unexpected  teething issues related to new surroundings 

Why Us?

  •  Over 20 years of experience: Our company holds the sources for all matters around relocation in Greece
  •  None of us is as strong as all of us: we employ only highly skilled and enthusiastic professionals
  •  Greek relocation market expertise: We have first hand up to date knowledge of the Greek relocation market
  •  Faster integration: most of us having lived in another country  totally understand concerns related to moving
  •  Connected: we are highly connected internationally through our partnerships and professional affiliation.
    We are proud of our responsiveness , responsibility , attention to detail and flexibility.

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Years of Experience
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High Quality Services That Suits Your Needs.

By using our experience and innovative flair,we have  developed a globally integrated package, which provides all critical services required to make a relocation a smooth and stress free experience.
Home Lease Agreement
Renting an Unfurnished Property
Farmers Market
Home Lease Agreement
Before signing of a home lease agreement you must have been issued a tax registration number and owners have the right to keep showing their property in order to achieve the most beneficial offer (even if you have agreed verbally to secure the property).
After signing a home lease agreement you need to proceed with accepting the home lease agreement to online greek tax system
Renting an Unfurnished Property
This means that it is totally unfurnished!! Curtains, lighing fittings etc are not included even though in other countries this is something commonly included in unfurnished properties.
Farmers Market
These are open markets and are present usually once a week in all Athenian neighborhoods. They are a cluster of different hawkers offering all kinds of products but mainly food and grocery at very good prices

Meet the team

Maria Christina Kouri
Managing Director
Ekaterini Economaki
Office Manager
Stefania Voloudaki
Relocation Manager
Natasha Prevedorou
Designated Councelor
Evridiki Kouri
Legal Services
Nikos Markakis
Accounting Services

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