Home Finding: temporary, short or long

Looking for the dream house in Athens? Our expert team will assist you by searching the market and proposing potential accommodation for your needs for any kind of duration, long or short, even for just a few weeks!
And guess what! Our assistance is not limited to only search and propose properties. We help you through the entire procedure from the beginning of the search, escorting you or any member of the family, negotiations with owners, preparation of necessary paperwork and any kind of rental need until you have happily settled in in your new home! And if further help is needed, check out our settling in service, a flex day customised to your needs.
How challenging can settling in in to a new home and country be?
Challenge accepted! We assist with our multirange programms customised according to your needs providing extra help in various issues of relocation and special needs you might have including details of day-to-day life. Shopping, rent a car, presence with a technician at home, leasing of a car..

Look See trip

Let us give you the chance to get a glimpse of your new life in Greece!
Your Look-See trip is a great time to narrow down school, neighborhood, hobbies’ choices where most of the expat families live in and view sample of housing just to get an idea of potential residence and areas.
And of course if something more specific is requested, please feel free to ask before or during your trip. We will be happy to show you!
Get to know the surrounding areas of your new home as a local would! We take you to see amenities and places of interest that cover the wishes of all members of the family. You only need to name the place! Health care, shopping centers, grocery, flea market, gym, stock shops, restaurants..

School Search

The success of the whole family’s move is greatly connected to children’s ability to adjust them selves and settle happily into their new environment. With our school search program we help you with all arrangements and escorted visits to the international schools, which are most suitable to the children’s needs. Our great cooperation and relationship with the administration and admission section within the schools makes our assistance valuable!
Since our belief is that departure formalities are as important as finding a home to settle in, we are delightedly assisting all of our clients when their assignments in Greece come to their end by providing assistance with all matters related to the rental and life in Greece so for them to happily start their new assignments without bearing in mind any outstanding matters related to their stay in Greece.
We also assist with moving of household goods! Ask us!

Home Lease Agreement Renewal

Is it time to renew your home contract? Contact us! We draft it for you and arrange all relevant action needed until it’s finalisation.
We follow all the necessary bureaucratic procedures on your behalf until the end and inform you.

Tenancy Management

Wish to avoid paying your utility bills, technicians and any other costs related to your daily life? We can do it for you and send you relevant info.
Lots of paperwork to consider when living in a foreign country… What a headache! Not for us! Let us know and we will arrange all necessary tax and social security numbers for the whole family on your behalf and, the best of all, without your presence needed!

Work & Residence Permits’ Issuance (EU and Non EU)

Who knows better the Greek immigration law than our company with its 20 years of expertise in this specific field! Come to us and we will assist through out the entire procedure, inform on any documentation and specifications needed and of course escort you to the public authority to apply for your work and residence permit.
We follow all the necessary bureaucratic procedures on your behalf until the end and inform you.

De Registration

Departing from Greece? This is something that needs to be communicated to competent authorities and we will coordinate this!
Our team knows exactly how to proceed to obtain Apostille or any necessary document verification for official use in any country. Ask us!

Documents’ Translation

Having trouble with officially translating a document in any language? We are here to assist you!
Need to get issued a public document immediately? Avoid any bureaucracy, we are here to act on your behalf on this without your presence!

Documents’ Legal Verification

Any document that needs to be legally verified for use either within or even outside Greece can be done easily and without you waiting in queues!
Travelling to Greece or abroad for work or leisure?  With or Without family? We will be happy to assist throughout the whole process for the issuance of such visas, not only when planning to visit Greece but also when travelling to foreign countries that request an entrance visa.

Driving License

Having worries on how and if you can drive with your driving license? We will provide you with relevant information in regards to what stands for your driving license and in case of need we can also make necessary actions for converting your driving license to a Greek one!

Airport’s Collection

Need a safe ride from or to the airport? We pick up/drop you off at the airport or book a taxi.
In need of a recommended technician, vet, language school, protective fences for your young ones? Something else? We are only a call away and have a network ready for you.

Hotel Booking

You rely on us when it comes to booking your hotel stay. We save you time and trouble from the research of reputable hotels and reservation.
Everyone wants to feel safe especially in a foreign country where everything is new and may seem strange. We understand this unique need that every family and individual has and provide a solution to this: We arrange a friendly discussion with insurance brokers so you can decide what is best for you and your family.

Cultural Awareness- Training & Workshops

Arriving to a new country comes with many challenges. Quite a few people miss some social cues among their new surroundings as certain type of behavior or even way of life is considered to be different between the home and destination country. Therefore developing cultural awareness is crucial and impacts our every-day lives.
Our training programs- living in Greece- are customised to individual needs focusing on Greek culture, social etiquette and practical skills necessary to thrive in Greece.
We also assist the younger members of the family by giving them tips to cope with their new surroundings.
We have packages specially formulated for children of all ages and additional workshops for the parents as well!

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