In an effort to keep you updated on changes of Greek Immigration Law 4251/2014, herebelow please find where things stand at the moment in Greece concerning the conditions of entry and residence of third country nationals for highly qualified employment (Blue card):
Ministry of Interior Affairs- Ministerial Decision concerning entrance of NON-EU nationals: issuance of blue card
The Immigration Law 4251/2014, issued on July the 2nd 2014 predicts the issuance of a blue card to NON-EU Nationals entering Greece. However, the relevant Ministerial Decision necessary for the procedure to be feasible had not been voted until recently.
Latest updates- What does the Ministerial Decision foresees
The Ministerial Decision 24990/2015 was published approximately 1 month ago and refers to the opening of 40 specific job positions in the Periphery of Piraeus (possibility of 10% increase in case of emergency).
Basic information
  • Business scope:
    1. Highly skilled employees in development activities related to new technologies being developed today in our country (20 job positions)
    2. qualified specialists in installation, maintenance and repair of equipment of specific technologies (20 job positions)
  • duration: 2 years
  • renewal: yes
  • dependents: allowed
  • Entry visa: requested- type d
  • In country: apply for issuance of blue card
  • Competent authority: Ministry of Interior Affairs

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