In Greece the obligation of EU nationals to inform the local authorities regarding their de-registration, constitutes a grey point in the Presidential Decree 106/2007.
Based on experience, some competent public authorities do request EU nationals to inform local authorities on their departure while others consider this procedure as non-compulsory and some times even nonexistent.
Our action
Further to the above, we have proceeded with an official written request to the Ministry of Public Order (responsible Ministry for EU registration matters) asking their official declaration on this matter.
Ministry’s official reply
The Ministry through its official written reply informed us that de-registration formalities or any change in the residence address within Greece is not required.
Way forward
-Based on the above, EU nationals will not have to proceed with de-registration when departing from Greece.
-However, notification to the Greek authorities shall take place in case of passport change.
Please find attached a scanned copy of the Ministry’s official reply (in Greek)  here.
Please contact us in case you have any queries concerning the above.

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